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In 1978 Gary Neal Pierce moved from L.A. to Reno to start a new life, like most
of us he fell in love with the area & its unique style of living & then set out to find his niche in the community.
As a true entrepreneur will do, Pierce looked for a business need to fill. He noticed that only one tour bus company was in existence & that company closed down service in the winter months, so he started the Reno Tahoe Tour Company.
Pierce offered daily sightseeing tours going to Squaw Valley then around Lake Tahoe with lunch in South Tahoe & a stop in Virginia City on the way back to Reno.
He also started a scheduled bus service going to & from the Reno Airport & the downtown hotel/casinos, this was very successful until the hotels started FREE airport shuttles in 1988. 
Reno Tahoe Tour Company was one of the first transportation companies to be issued a new license (MC 151690) under de-regulation of the Interstate Commerce Commission back in 1979. Gary Pierce has always offered quality service at good prices, starting back in 1981 & still gives that same great service today.
  Written by:  Nelson McAFee with Reno/Tahoe Business Magazine
Gary Pierce's History in Lake Tahoe & Reno Nevada
Gary Pierce graduated from Downey High School in Southern California in June of 1960. Attended L.A. Trade School for Auto Mechanics. Gary later attended Morrison University in Reno NV and got his Business Degree. His first business enterprise was Gary's Auto Service Center in Compton CA. in 1964. This was a full service auto repair and smog device installation garage on Rosecrans Ave. After the Watts riots of 1965 damaged his repair business he looked for a new location. In 1969 Gary started Pierce Automotive Enterprises, Inc. in Huntington Beach CA. This was a full service auto repair and Goodyear tire store at 19751 Beach Blvd. Gary and Jerry Reynolds his manager later moved the shop to 7501 Slater Ave. In 1978 Gary sold Pierce Automotive to Jerry Reynolds and moved to Reno NV. In 1981 Gary Pierce started a new transportation business in Reno named the Reno-Tahoe Tour Co - license # MC-151690 operating airport shuttles & sightseeing tours going from Reno to Lake Tahoe daily. Gary Pierce is still supplying transportation services in the Reno/Tahoe area, along with a website design and marketing business in Davis CA.
Reno-Tahoe Travel Services
Gary Pierce Enterprises
216 F Street # 61, Davis CA 95616
California (530) 312-9969
Nevada (775) 273-8334
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Gary Pierce Has Over 56 Years In The Transportation Business
- Established in 1964 as Pierce Automotive Enterprises -
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